5 Best Casio Sports Watches

The 5 best Casio sports watches are all rugged watches made for lasting durability and accurate timekeeping. Casio makes many styles, features and price points of watches for all levels of athletes to enjoy.

  1. Casio Men's Solar Powered Runners Watch The WS200 is a solar-powered Casio sports watch that provides long-lasting and accurate time specifically made for a runner. The watch features a stopwatch with a 120-lap memory to help track running goals. Also included are dual countdown timers for the ability to track interval training. This Casio sports watch provides a unique solar-powered self-charging system which is where all functions of the watch are maintained.
  2. Casio SGW200 For the more intense runner, the Casio SGW200 is the best sports watch to keep track of daily training routines. This Casio sports watch maintains an acceleration sensor that measures the step count to measure the running distance and a 150-record lap memory. This sports watch not only counts steps while running, but also measures and calculates the distance covered and calories burned.
  3. Casio Sports Gear AQW101B-2AV The Casio sports gear watch goes above and beyond being the average sports watch especially for fishermen. This sports watch can tell fishermen what the suitability of catching fish will be based on date and time. This sports watch has features to monitor the moon, fish and the temperature. The watch is water-resistant up to 200-meters.
  4. Casio Chronograph MDV501-9AV The Casio Chronograph is one of the best Casio sport watches for diving. This diving sports watch is water-resistant up to 200-meters. The back of the watch has a screw-in back cover and a screw-down crown to ensure that water does not get into the watch. It has a mineral glass and luminous hands, which make it easy to read in the dark waters.
  5. Casio Referee Timer A referee must have a dependable and accurate timepiece and that is exactly why the Casio Referee Timer is one of the best Casio sports watches. Regardless of the sport, this is the watch a referee needs to wear during a game. The watch comes with preset start times, interval timers and a vibration alert to be used as a stopwatch.
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