5 Best Casio Wrist Watches

Shopping for the 5 best Casio wrist watches? The Casio brand name has been famous since 1946. Casio is famous for everything from pipes to calculators and keyboards. Yet the company is particularly famous for its wrist watch line, which was developed in the 1980s. Casio wrist watches are known for being inexpensive yet well-made and dependable watches. They are also quite stylish, which makes them some of the most popular wrist watches in the world. These 5 wrist watches feature the best options in design and features.

  1. Casio GLX5600-1. One of the most popular watches in the Casio line is the G-Shock series. These dependable digital watches are a staple on the wrists of active people. They feature a water resistance up to 200 meters as well as a tide and moon graph feature. The Casio GLX5600-1 is available in five awesome colors. The simplicity of this watch makes it one of the best wrist watches that Casio offers.
  2. Casio LCF20-1. This watch can be described simply as futuristic. This 1980s-inspired watch features an arcade design reminiscent of that time period. This watch features a digital and a dial time display. The display is large and easy to read. The LCF20-1 is definitely one of the coolest of Casio's wrist watches.
  3. Casio AE1000. When searching for Casio's best wrist watch, it is best to consider features. This watch is chock full of features. These include a 248 segment high density LCD and a digital analog hand format, a world map time zone display and a ten-year battery. This watch has it all, including Casio's trademark low price tag.
  4. Casio MDV301D-2AV. This is the perfect watch for those who have purchased a stylish wrist watch only to discover it was not as water-resistant as it claimed to be. This watch features a screw-down crown and screw-down back to ensure it is water-resistant in up to 200 meters of water. This watch also features a trendy metal band along with a blue face. These and other benefits makes this one of Casio's best wrist watches.
  5. Casio EQW700DBJ-1. This watch, appropriately named Edifice, is absolutely gorgeous. It features an eye-catching analog and digital display. One of the biggest features of this watch is that it is completely solar powered. It also features a tachymeter, dual time and Waveceptor atomic timekeeping. This watch harasses the sun with an extremely bright LCD display. The list of features is endless, making this one of the 5 best Casio wrist watches on the market.

Casio has grown over the years. Its cutting-edge technologies have produced some of the most useful and reliable products available. Casio has managed to produce these reliable products at a low cost to consumers. Ditch the designer wrist watch and consider one of these excellent Casio wrist watches.

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