5 Best Cat Breed

Picking the perfect, five best cat breed for your household can be a bit challenging, but with some research, you can easily find one that meets your needs.

  1. Cymric –  This breed of cat is extremely sturdy and very intelligent. They are friendly, playful and can adapt to any household. There is one downside to this breed of cat and that is that it can have some serious health problems. The problems usually show up within the first six months of life, so if you consider this breed, wait until then to get one.
  2. Turkish Van – The Turkish Van is a unique breed of cat. They have an odd fondness of water as well as water repellant fur. Vans are energetic, nimble clever and have very little health problems. They can adapt to most households and require a lot of a attention.
  3. British Shorthair – This is another breed of cat that is very even-tempered and sometimes can be considered shy. They are very loyal, docile and do not require a lot attention or grooming. This is another breed that has minimal health problems.
  4. Ragdoll – The Ragdolls are an obedient and easygoing breed of cats. They are quite large and require a bit of grooming to keep them happy and looking their best. They get along great with everyone in the family including children, dogs and other cats.
  5. American Shorthair – This is another breed of cats that has excellent health. They require little to no grooming and are very independent. This is the perfect cat for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with the cat but needs a companion. They are easy going and easy to train.


There are many breeds of cats that may be suitable for your family and lifestyle. It will take a bit of research to find the perfect cat for you.

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