5 Best Cat Scratching Posts

Here are the 5 best cat scratching posts. There are hundreds of cat scratching posts on the market, but finding one that’s best for your cat can be difficult.

  1. SmartCat Bootsie's Combination Scratcher. This cat scratching post is probably the best on the market. It’s well made and should last you many years. Your cat will love rubbing up against it and sharpening it’s claws.
  2. Cat Furniture Tree Condo Toy Scratcher Post Pet House. Not only does this act as a scratching post, but it also acts a home and play area for your feline friend. It stands 62" inches tall and has two cozy spots for your cats to sleep. Attached are three hanging balls that will keep your feline entertained for days.
  3. Imperial Cat Orca Cat Scratch 'n Shape. This cat scratching post is unique, as it is shaped like a whale. It is the perfect spot for your cat to sleep or hone its claws. The unique shape offers a space to keep all of your cats toys.
  4. Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6202. This is another large cat scratching post. It offers four platforms for your cat to perch on, as well as two enclosures for them to sleep in. At the lowest level, it offers a hammock for your cat to nap in. The whole structure is scratchable.
  5. Essential Pet Products Scratching Cat Tree. This is the perfect cat scratching post for small homes and apartments. It takes up a 16”x16” area and can be placed anywhere. The leaves make a very realistic rustling sound that your cats will love.

Remember when looking for a cat scratching post to find something that will fit well in your home. Know what your cat likes before buying something for them. You need durable materials to make your purchase last.



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