5 Best Catfights In Western Movies

Westerns often tell stories of rugged men fighting their way to redemption, but the five best catfights in western movies history prove that fighting wasn't reserved only for the men. Following are the five best catfights in western movies, from earliest cinema to modern classics:

  1. Ann Miller vs. Penny Singleton – "Go West, Young Lady": This may be a musical comedy western, but there is nothing funny about what happens when these two ladies go to Fist City. The hair pulling, rolling around, smacks to the face, and free-for-all violence are sights to behold, even by today's standards. There are MMA fights that don't deliver this much brutality, and that's why this quaint little film deserves its place on a list of the best catfights in western movies.
  2. Salma Hayek vs. Penelope Cruz – "Bandidas": It doesn't get much sexier than this. Two of the hottest female stars in Hollywood take out time for a little getting-to-know-you brouhaha that gets the blood boiling. Yes, it's all one big tease; but it's one worth experiencing, even if the rest of the film isn't up to snuff! While "Bandidas" won't be turning up on any Best Films of All Time lists, it deserves its place on a list of the best catfights in western movies.
  3. Gloria LeRoy vs. Dorothy Tristan – "Gunsmoke: The Guns of Cibola Blanca": Yes, it's not a feature film per se, but it certainly deserves high consideration on a list of the best catfights in western movies. The blonde and beautiful Dorothy Tristan ties in to Gloria LeRoy in this two-part episode of "Gunsmoke" that really stretches the limit of what catfight lovers in 1974 could handle without temperatures going through the roof. If you like girls that get down and dirty, it doesn't get much dirtier than this: hair-pulling, slapping, clothes-tearing, and lots of leg, make this one a must-see. This is also one of the few catfights where there is an actual winner-by knockout.
  4. Marlene Dietrich vs. Una Merkel – "Destry Rides Again": Sexy cute Marlene Dietrich overshadows her own fantastic singing with a catfight for the ages with Una Merkel, a forgotten femme fatale of the Thirties. It's a catty romp that has long been hailed as one of the greatest catfights ever. Period!
  5. Uma Thurman vs. Darryl Hannah – "Kill Bill Volume 2": You want a classic western catfight? This is it. The quintessential! Uma Thurman and Darryl Hannah's confrontation came dreadfully close to fruition in the first Kill Bill film, but nothing could have prepared audiences for the brutality that would come at the hands of both ladies. It ends with a wretch-inducing eye-pluck and the removed organ squished most disgustingly between the victor's bare toes. Horrible, yes. But who can look away? Among the best catfights in western movies, this one reigns supreme.
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