5 Best Catherine Deneuve Movies

 The 5 best Catherine Deneuve movies showcase a classic actress. Catherine Deneuve, born in 1943 in Paris, France, is a brilliant actress and has starred in countless films. Most of these films showcase her true natural acting talents. Some of these films stand out more than the rest.

  1. One of the first great films this talented lady done was "Repulsion" (1965). In this strange but darkly attractive film, Deneuve plays Carol, a quiet and socially introverted young woman. Carol lives with her sister and has a boyfriend, but curiously, she is repulsed by her own sexuality. When left alone in their shared apartment, Carol begins to lose her sanity, which results in violence. This film will disturb and yet entertain you with its creative storyline. Catherine Deneuve is amazing in one of her earlier performances.
  2. "The Hunger" (1983), was captivating. This film could not have been as dramatic and haunting without Miriam, play by Deneuve. Her cool and calculating demeanor added a certain charm and understanding to the character. Miriam, a vampire, is deadly and romantic. This draws sympathy from the audience toward her character and that of Miriam's husband, played by singer, David Bowie. Paired with Bowie and actress Susan Serandon,  Deneuve is brilliant.
  3. Another of Deneuve's great films is "Dancer in the Dark" (2000). Catherine Deneuve is quiet and humble alongside singer Bjork's character, who is the leading lady in this film. Deneuve is supportive and attractive as she offers an ear to Bjork's issues in the film. She is a friend and co-worker who feels a bond to Bjork's character. Her presence is strong despite the timidness of the character.
  4. "8 Femmes" (2002) is a great quirky movie. Catherine Deneuve plays Gaby, the wife of a industrialist who has been murdered in their home. Her performance is terrific alongside seven other ladies who seem to be stuck together at the home during a snow storm. Reminiscent of the movie, "Clue", these ladies must discover who the murderer is as they fight amongst themselves. Deneuve gives an astounding performance, as always.
  5. "Princess Marie" (2004) was an amazing movie. One of her best performances; Deneuve was simply made to play this part. She was featured on nearly every still of this three hour film. The costumes were beautiful, only rivaled by the brilliant acting of Deneuve as Marie Bonaparte and Heinz Bennet as Sigmund Freud. This is a must see French film.
Catherine Deneuve has done many other amazing films in her long career. These are just a few of her best. Enjoy!
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