5 Best Catherine Zeta-Jones Movies

The Welsh bombshell was already an established theater actress before turning to film, and those diverse stage skills are clear on this list of five best Catherine Zeta-Jones movies. From comedy to drama, singing to dancing, CZJ (aka Mrs. Michael Douglas) can do it all – and does.

  1. “The Mask of Zorro” The Welsh actress had made other movies before 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro,” but this is the film that made her a movie star and so it deserves a place on the list of five best Catherine Zeta-Jones movie. Zeta-Jones delivered a fiery performance and her on-screen chemistry with Antonio Banderas was electrifying.
  2. “High Fidelity” This John Cusack hipster classic, based on the book by Nick Hornby, is the coolest entry on the list of five best Catherine Zeta-Jones movies. The flick featured Zeta-Jones as one of the record store owner’s former girlfriends. She didn’t have a lot of face time in the film but she was ultra sexy in the limited role.
  3. “Traffic” Two of the entries on the list of five best Catherine Zeta-Jones movies come from 2000. The brunette beauty followed up her small part in “High Fidelity” with a turn in the critically acclaimed Steven Soderbergh film “Traffic.” Zeta-Jones and her co-stars won a Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture for the dark film about drug trafficking.
  4. “Chicago” The movie star landed her first Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the part of Velma Kelly in 2002’s “Chicago”. So the film earns a spot on the five best Catherine Zeta-Jones films as a result. The actress got her start in musical theater, and she showed the world she had true talent as a singer and dancer in the death row toe tapper.
  5. “Intolerable Cruelty” Building on the hipster cred from films like “High Fidelity” and “Traffic,” Zeta-Jones got a stamp of approval from indie film gurus Joel and Ethan Coen in “Intolerable Cruelty”. This homage to classic romantic comedies, in which she bantered with George Clooney like nobody’s business, rounds out the list of five best Catherine Zeta-Jones movies.


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