5 Best Celebrity Couples 2008

With so many of them popping up, how can you separate the 5 best celebrity couples in 2008 from the rest? Celebrity couples pop up like weeds and just like those annoying plants, celebrity couples die off just as fast. The reason for even discussing a celebrity couple as it existed in 2008 is simply because of the fact that they probably don't exist anymore in the here and now. So, which celebrity couples should be on this list? Well, these five celebrity couples made the list simply because of shock value.

  1. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Yeah, when these two got together, everyone thought it was some sort of publicity stunt–she's ten years older than him. So what? Give credit where credit is do. She's still one of the hottest women walking the face of the planet. This hookup shows just how powerful her magnetism is. Give a guy like Nick Cannon credit. He must've did something right to snatch Mimi off the market.
  2. Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Jessica strikes again. Tony Romo hasn't played a good game of football since he met this girl. This girl's super hot and she's got the potent voodoo to match. Cowboys rivals want to say just one thing: Thank you, Jessica Simpson. Thank you very much. Who wouldn't want to be hypnotized by a woman as gorgeous as her?
  3. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Do you want to know the real reason guys worldwide hate Justin Timberlake? It's not because he was in 'N Sync. It's not because he got to see Janet Jackson's nipple up close. No, guys hate him because of her–Jessica Biel, a goddess amongst women. Well, either way, they made one of the hottest couples in 2008. 
  4. Ashley Madison and James Woods Yes, James Woods. The dude's pushing 60 and he's got a piece of eye candy like that on his arm? He definitely makes the list, regardless if guys don't know who the hell Ashley Madison is. Just know, the chick is more bad than a two year old causing havoc in a walker.
  5. Seth MacFarlane and Amanda Bynes and Eliza Dushku Yeah this guy went out with both of these fire-starting beauties. He's the funny man behind "Family Guy." You know what they say. Girls like guys that can make them laugh. Well, maybe if you polish up your standup, you'll be able to bag a hot little miss like MacFarlane did. 
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