5 Best Cell Phone Wrist Watches

With cell phones shrinking in size every day, the savvy businessman will want to know about the 5 best cell phone wrist watches. You can wear these phones on your wrist without any excess bulk and features range from an interactive touchscreen to Bluetooth capabilities so you can sport a Bluetooth headset while chatting with colleagues.

  1. S66 Quad Band Watch Style Cell Phone (SZR100) This wrist watch cell phone features a sleek white, curved surface with a 1.4-inch LCD screen that supports 26 million colors to make images really pop. With quad-band coverage, you'll get good reception no matter where you travel. It comes with the latest multimedia features, including camera, video, music, ringtones and text messaging. Simplistic silver buttons allow you to navigate quickly through the phone's many options and make calls at the touch of a button. This product ranks number one of the five best cell phone wrist watches.
  2. Wrist Watch Cell Phone Mobile 1.5" Touch Screen Quad Band Dual Card Spy Camera MP3/MP4 Q8 For those who prefer a no-nonsense square black cell phone wrist watch combination for keeping up with business or personal matters, this is the best cell phone wrist watch for you. With a 1.5-inch touchscreen for easy navigation and a button dial-pad, this phone aims for ease of use without sacrificing style.
  3. Touchscreen Cell Phone Watch from Hammacher Schlemmer Though a bit bigger than the other models, Hammacher Schlemmer takes the spot for the third best cell phone wrist watch with a large one- and 1/4-inch touchscreen with bright controls and quick response times. Buttons lie unobtrusively on the side of the phone and the included stylus ensures you won't make a wrong touch.
  4. Samsung S9100 Touch Screen Watch Phone Super thin for a light and comfortable fit, our fourth best cell phone wrist watch from Samsung uses a full touchscreen for dialing and access menus. Meant for the fashion-conscious, you'll get the best of both worlds with an easy-to-use capacitive screen that doesn't add any bulk to your watch.
  5. LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone In close competition with the Samsung S9100, but falling just short as number five in our best cell phone wrist watch guide, the LG-GD910 includes a similar touchscreen and fast 3G speeds. Make calls, store pictures and use voice dialing for hands-free navigation. It's also waterproof to avoid any unfortunate hand washing accidents.
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