5 Best Champagne Food Pairings

It will always be a good time when Champagne is involved, but when you've got a the bubbly and these five best Champagne food pairings, that good time is guaranteed. Champagne tends to go well with many foods, but there are some that accompany the dry, slightly acidic, bubbly beverage. Typically, lighter foods go better with champagne than heavy foods such as red meats and sugary desserts.

  1. Cheese Full-bodied Champagnes pair quite well with hard cheeses such as cheddar, Gouda and Parmesan while lighter bodied Champagnes compliment soft cheeses such as goat cheese and brie. If you want to serve at least one of the 5 best Champagne Food Pairings, cheese should satisfy most guests.
  2. Fruits Berries are at the top of the fruits list because they lend a sweetness to the palette that accompanies the flavor of a light champagne perfectly. Stone fruits such as peaches and plums also are a nice accompaniment to light-bodied varieties of champagne and sparkling wines.
  3. Sushi Most types of sushi go perfectly with an extra dry variety of champagne because it refreshes the palate between bites of the buttery fish and delicate rice. Sushi and Champagne are equally elegant, making sushi a great food to pair with Champagne.
  4. Potato Chips/Popcorn/Crackers It may sound strange to put common snack foods on a list of best Champagne food pairings, but these crisp and salty snacks pair perfectly with Brut Champagnes because the high acidity of the Champagne helps to add a new dimension of flavor to the salt and fat of the snacks.
  5. Eggs Benedict Definitely not to be left out of the best Champagne food pairings, Eggs Benedict are a clear winner. The buttery-ness of the eggs and cheese sauce are an excellent pairing of flavors with Champagne. The bubbles of the Champagne gently lift the fats from the tongue, enhancing the flavor of both the Eggs Benedict and the Champagne. Add some smoked salmon to your plate and your palette will explode with flavor.
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