5 Best Charlize Theron Movies

In the 5  best Cherlize Theron movies, she has played characters from a super-human to a dying woman with cancer trying to make a difference. Her diverse roles allow her to make each character have their own style and being.

  1. "Sweet November" Theron plays Sara who in her own way is out to save Nelson from himself. Nelson is focused on his career and nothing else. Sara believes that Nelson needs to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life, like family and friends. Can she convince Nelson to see things her way for one month?
  2. "Monster" In this best Cherlize Theron movie she plays Aileen. After leaving a horrible home life that included drugs and abuse, Aileen starts as a prostitute. She then begins murdering the johns instead of having sex with them.
  3. "The Italian Job" Stella's father was a safe cracker who was killed by an accomplice during a heist. When she is contacted by her father's old team, who were also left hung out to dry, she heads to Los Angeles to find her father's killer and reclaim the gold that he stole.
  4. "North Country" in this Cherlize Theron movie, she plays Josie, a young mother who is beaten by her husband. She  fears for her safety and is forced to flee to her parents house with her children. Not wanting to live with her parents forever, she takes a job at the iron mine, making good money and being treated like garbage. After being attacked by a co-worker, she quits and files charges against the company. At first no one wants to help Josey, but in the end she has her family and some co-workers behind her.
  5. "Hancock" The first time Hancock meets, Mary he feels connected to her, but has no idea why. Mary's husband, Ray, is trying to improve Hancock's image. At dinner one evening Hancock reveals that he woke up in a Hospital 80 years earlier alone and unable to remember anything. Mary tears up, surprising both men. When Mary's powers are revealed to Hancock she must explain their past, their powers, and why they must stay apart.

Cherlize Theron has proven to be an old softy and one tough cookie though the roles that she plays. Her characters have helped others find happiness or have  fought for what was right, no matter what the cost.

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