5 Best Cheap Billiard Tables

To find the best cheap billiards tables you need to find a reputable distributor that can offer you great prices for a legitimate reason. Before purchasing a billiard table, make sure you're working with a reputable company by asking for testimonials and checking references. Ask how they discount their billiard tables. If it's because of use or damage, consider purchasing from another company.

  1. Fat Cat Phoenix 3-in-1 7" Billiard Table This table is a great investment because for under $700 you get three of the most popular game room games in one. With easy-to-change inserts you can play pool, slide hockey or ping pong in a matter of minutes. Everything is included with this billiard table, so you can set it up and start playing immediately. Made with MDF materials, this table is hearty and will last for years of exciting game nights. 
  2. Spencer Marston Billiard Co. Catania The Catania is one of the best values on the market for a high quality table. Made of 100 percent hardwood with a pecan finish, this table will be an absolutely beautiful addition to your game room. Offered with a lifetime warranty, deluxe accessory kit and free shipping through the Spencer Marston Billiard Co. This table is available in 7', 8' or 9'. This table is available for just under $1,400 for an investment you can count on.
  3. Sportcraft 7' Auburn Billiard Table w/ Bonus Table Tennis Top This table is available through Sears and holds a steady 3.5 stars consumer rating. This table comes ready-to-play with accessories needed for both games. Featuring side braced legs and adjustable leg levelers, you can be sure you're getting a quality playing surface. The Sportcraft also comes with a 90-day warranty through Sears and retails for under $200.
  4. Sportcraft 7.5' Hamilton Billiard Table w/ Bonus Cue Rack This wood veneered table boasts a 4/5 star rating by customers and offers the beauty of a solid wood table without the high price tag. The bonus cue rack takes your game room to the next level with quality storage for all your billiard accessories. This table comes complete with everything you need to play your first game right out of the box. Available through Sears, the Sportcraft Hamilton comes with a 90- day warranty. Priced at under $400, this is a great table for your game room and fun with your friends.
  5. Sampson Space Saver 79" Mizerak Pool Table With the space saver design of this table you can enjoy a good pool game without the large game room. Quality constructed of oak laminate, this table gives a great look without the hefty price tag of a solid wood table. The table comes with everything you need for out of the box play and priced at just under $700, offers affordable quality for all your game nights.
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