5 Best Cheap Briefcases

The 5 best cheap briefcases are made by all sorts of companies, not necessarily well-known brands, but brands that provide decent value and affordability nonetheless. These cheap briefcases provide all the features that the more expensive ones from well-known brands provide—features like organizers, removable shoulder straps and multi-pockets for all kinds of electronics—but they won't kill your wallet. Basically, with more expensive briefcases, you are paying a lot for just the brand names.

  1. RoadPro SEB-001BK 17" x 12" Black Leather-Like Soft-Sided Briefcase. Whether you want to store and carry around papers or electronics, or maybe just your extra shirt or your lunch, this briefcase by RoadPro is just what you've been looking for. Taking the one spot on account of its versatility, this cheap briefcase also allows you to use its zippered back section for bigger items while reserving its front zippered pockets for items you need to reach in a hurry.
  2. Shoptronics Aluminum Notebook Laptop Computer Travel Briefcase Executive Attache. This cheap briefcase by Shoptronics features a solid and robust, heavy-duty design that weighs five pounds and therefore assures you of a briefcase that will protect all your valuables inside, and then some, which is why it gets the two spot. Building on this security theme, it also comes with a combination lock for convenience and security.
  3. Solo Classic Collection Expandable Attache. This expandable and cheap briefcase by Solo comes with dual combination locks, an additional one-inch of storage room because of its expandable capacity, and an adjustable Velcro closure on its file pocket. It gives you all of this for a very low price to boot, which is why it earns the number three position. If you value a classic, no-frills look to your briefcase that secures your stuff like a safe, and comes for a cheap price, then this is your briefcase.
  4. Italian Mosaic Design Genuine Leather Briefcase. If you value good order and organization in a briefcase, then look no further! This cheap briefcase features three compartments on the inside which make organizing all your electronic equipment, accessories and all-important paper easy as pie. This makes it worthy to be awarded the number four spot.
  5. Mobile Edge Ultraportable Briefcase. This cheap briefcase should appeal to everyone who wants an unconventional look to their briefcase. It features a sporty look that gives you that extra sharp appearance, but it won't cost you a fortune. It takes the number five spot because while it can hold a portable computer, it only has the size to accommodate netbooks, which top out at thirteen inches.
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