5 Best Cheap Car Amplifiers

Many websites offer great deals on the 5 best cheap car amplifiers, mostly in the range of 100 dollars to 300 hundred dollars. Many of these deals cannot be found in stores as the mark ups are very high. The deals of cheaper pricing should offer a car amplifier with good sound and an amp with a lot of boom for the buck.

  1. “Kenwood KAC-8104D.” This is a cheap car amplifier, which sells for only 119 dollars and some change. It is a class D Mono block amplifier with RMS rating of  4 ohms, equaling 300 watts by 1 chan. And 2 ohms, equaling 500 watts by 1 chan. The maximum output is 1000 watts by 1 chan. It also offers a LED power indicator and a bass boost at 40 Hz. The built in cooling fan helps with the life of the amp. It has a one-year warranty included.
  2. “Eclipse XA1200.” This XA Series Class D Mono block car amplifier sells for only 179 dollars and change. It comes with ICE Technology and its RMS rating of power assumes 4 ohms equaling 350 watts by 1 chan. And 2 ohms, equaling 500 watts by 1 chan. The maximum power output is 600 watts. It also offers a MOSFET switching power supply. It also contains LED power indicators, which are a bonus to any amplifier system. It also comes with a one-year warranty. This cheap car amplifier is a great deal for the right person.
  3. “Hifonics HFi2000D.” A great deal at 265 dollars. Although it is a little more money still it brings the right sound to any vehicle looking for class. It comes with a one year warranty and free shipping anywhere within all the states. It is a class D amplifier with 3 Bass remote and a 4 way system protection circuitry. It also displays pre-amp RCA outputs.  The details of the wattage are 1300 watts by 1 chan at 2 ohms and 2000 watts by 1 Channel.
  4. “Alpine MRP-M500.” This Mono block amplifier comes with free shipping anywhere in the states. It is part of a V Power Series class D and offers 300 watts by 1 chan, at 4 ohm and 500 watts by 1 channel. at 2 ohm. It is fixed at 1000W by 1 channel. It has MOSFET power supply with a bass equal to 12db at 50 hz. It also contains adjustable gain control. The one year warranty cannot be beat on this best cheap car amplifier. The thermal management control helps with the life of the amplifier.
  5. “Pioneer GM-D9500F.” This 800 watts Max Class FD 4-channel amplifier comes with free shipping anywhere in the states .It brings the best sound to life. Its FD series has a 75 watts by 4 channels at 4 ohm with 800 watts Max sound. It also offers speaker level inputs with compression type terminals enabling great sound anywhere and anytime. This cheap amplifier comes with a one-year warranty as well.
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