5 Best Cheap Car Audio Systems

If you have a reduced budget, choosing the 5 best cheap car audio system components will save you time and money on that ride pimping project of yours. These models and brands are cheap, but this doesn’t stop them from producing powerful sounds. You will definitely save some serious bucks while not compromising sound quality.

  1. Dual XDM 6350. This CD receiver has good looks and is very cheap. It is also very easy to control, and has helpful buttons that will allow you to navigate the menus comfortably. Simplicity is its formula. A great CD player doesn’t have to be that expensive. You can have the same quality with great features. If you don’t like the way the music sounds, you can always modify the pre-programmed tone settings. This beauty comes with the basics, so it reads CDs, MP3/WMA formats, and it has a USB slot to extent your music playlist. Don’t forget the remote control, if you feel too lazy to extend your fingers.
  2. MTX JackHammer JH600. It's considered as the best mono sub-woofer amplifier in the market for the price range. Some people think that with a good stereo and sound system, a sub-woofer is just a meaningless add-on to install on the car. This is totally wrong. if you want to put some serious tremble in your car, hook up this sub. The good thing about this sub-woofer is its durability. It's composed with a powder coated steel chassis to protect it from everything. It also includes technology that won’t wear your car's power down.
  3. Sony XS-GTX6931 Speakers. No car audio system could be complete without these reliable speakers. These speakers are surprisingly cheap, considering they are Sony. You can trust this device to do a great job providing high fidelity audio in your car. These three-way speakers are very light but strong. The model has some attitude and style, making it look original.
  4. GM-6400F Pioneer Amplifier. Here is a four-channel car amplifier that couldn’t get any cheaper for you. Upgrading an audio systems can cost some serious money, but  this Pioneer delivers the same audio potency of many expensive brands at a decent price. It has 4 channel selectable high and low pass filters, speaker level inputs, 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms and a MOSFET power supply. If you want to protect it, swap the fuse with a resettable one, as it will give more stability to the flow of electricity.
  5. Clarion SRH292HX 3/4" Pure Silk Dome Tweeters. Creating a good car audio system requires patience. If you have the woofers, the lower frequencies are covered. But, what is left behind? The higher ones, people. These tweeters will grant you 250 watts maximum of music power. Their design style is awesome too, so try to find these birdies and save some bucks while retaining sound quality.
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