5 Best Cheap Compound Bow

Compound bows can set you back a bit but these 5 best cheap compound bow are affordable and built with quality. Compound bows make up some of the best bow hunting. Compound bows are light weight and precision built. Have a good time with these five great compound bows.

  1. PSE Vendetta Xs R/Handed Compound Bow:A well-built solid entry for the top five. The PSE is a sturdy compound bow with a built-in sight and collapsible spine. Easy draw and tight line makes for a stiff but easy draw. One of the best compound bows with an affordable price tag.
  2. Hoyt Power Hawk Compound Bow:Exceptional quality and a low end price. This bow is built to last with a smooth speed draw and precision line of sight. A smooth draw keeps the bow steady and quick. This bow is equipped with hawk tips and additional arrow slots for ease of reloading making this a premier compound bow and entry level costs.
  3. Bowtech Diamond Rock Compound Bow: Accessorized with hardwood camouflage wood side panels and larger spindles for ease of draw. This bow comes with a five arrow quiver and braided sling to assist in operation. Built in peep sight makes full operation at the onset possible.
  4. Mathews LX Compound Bow:This beauty comes fully equipped and ready to hunt. Full range bow flex and sturdy hand controls for better control. Quiet draw makes hunting easier as does the silent release. Extremely affordable and provides the basic needs for the serious hunter or sport archer. This bow can be found for under $400.00 fully equipped for out of the box use.
  5. Bear Warrior Compound Bow: If you are serious about success and are looking for a quality bow, look no further. Bear is one of the top makers of compound bows and the Warrior is an affordable option to their other products. What you lose is nothing and what you get is a great lightweight bow with a precision line, ease of draw and superb snap.
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