5 Best Cheap Dress Pants For Men

Buying dress pants for men can be expensive but there are still some bargains to be had with this guide to the five best cheap dress pants for men. Many familiar casual clothing companies have lines for work and evening events which make them perfect places to score cheap dress pants.

  1. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in trendy and often seasonal fashions. This means you can find dress pants for steals. They don't have a large variety of styles but focus on making many sizes and colors of the pants they do carry. The mass production of their garments keeps the costs down for the consumer. You can view collections online but must go into a store to purchase.
  2. The brand Dockers is synonymous with Khakis, the secret is they also make dress pants. Their pants even have stain resistant fabrics as well as no ironing needed, which can appeal to any guy. You can find their pants at most large retailers, and if you wait until the end of season you can usually catch great sales on the dress pants.
  3. Gap is know for their denim but they always carry dressier clothing for men, including pants. Each season they put out pants with weather appropriate fabric. It is best to buy in the fall because those pants are usually all season friendly. Gap maintains a low price point and gives very deep discounts when they have sales. Shopping online will allow you to search for hard to find sizes and as well as more colors.
  4. Banana Republic carries a large selection of inexpensive dress pants for men. You can find a variety of texture, prints and fabric weights in their stores as well as online. Banana Republic also has deeply discounted online sales.
  5. J. Crew has maintained a stronghold on classic American sportswear so it is no surprise that they too carry dress pants. The shock comes when you realize the quality you are purchasing for the price point. Their pants selection does change seasonally and feature finer fabrics but with a bit of diligence you can find inexpensive dress pants. Make sure to keep an eye out for their seasonal sales.
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