5 Best Cheap Lacrosse Stick

The 5 best cheap lacrosse sticks can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, the cheapest lacrosse sticks aren't too difficult to find. Just doing some research can help narrow down the results.

  1. Warrior Mako Jr.. This stick is Warrior's first ever youth lacrosse stick. Warrior has a patent on "Offset Technology" which helps make a lower pocket. This lower pocket helps with control and balance with the ball.
  2. Brine Recruit Attack Lacrosse Stick. This stick is a great basic attack stick. It has a slightly offset head which helps the player to et used to throwing and catching. Another great feature, is its wide face which makes scooping ground balls much easier.
  3. Gait Bedlam Attack Lacrosse Stick. Since the change in NCAA specifications in 2010, a lot of lacrosse sticks fail to meet them. This lacrosse stick not only meets the new specifications, but it is still cheap. This stick not only meets the requirements, but it also goes above them.
  4. STX AV8 Defense Lacrosse Stick. For about $40, a player can have an amazing defense lacrosse stick. The STX AV8, is lightweight and can help with durability. Because of its classic octagon shape, its a great stick for beginning defensive players.
  5. STX AV8 Attack Lacrosse Stick. STX AV8 steps up the game with their attack lacrosse sticks as well. This attack stick still has the same principles and fundamentals of the defense stick, except that it is specifically designed for attacking.
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