5 Best Cheap Sex Dolls

The 5 best cheap sex dolls can be found throughout the Internet. Depending on your budget, you can get one that is pretty basic. There are also options for sex dolls with added features, but get the job done just the same.

  1. Big Babe Bella. This sex doll is absolutely perfect for a cheap thrill. Usually this sex doll is in the $8 – $6 range. She is based upon plus-sized women and is great for all the chubby-chasers out there.
  2. Travel Size Anime Annie Doll. Standing at twenty-six inches in height, Anime Annie comes with an even smaller price. For about $10 you can get all the thrills of being with an anime character. Its no wonder she has been said to have "the best sushi in town."
  3. Inflatable Wife. For only $10 you can have a wife that doesn't nag, and doesn't waste your time or money! The "Inflatable Wife" has perfect proportions. But the best proportion of all, is the price.
  4. Lil' Ho Peep and Her Sheep. When you need some fantasy fun on-the-go, Lil' Ho Peep can help you out. For the cost of $12 you can get the sex doll as well as the blow up sheep. Small and convenient never looked so good.
  5. Travel Size Granny Blow Up Doll. For those of you looking for a "mature" sex doll, look no further. She's not only ripe in her old age, but comes with fake teeth to really get things going. For only $10 she is proof that some things get better with age.
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