5 Best Cheap Snowboarding Goggles

The 5 best cheap snowboarding goggles consist of strength and added aid at a good price. Snowboarding is usually a lot of fun. However, having the right snowboarding goggles is key is having an even better time. Not wanting to spend too much on goggles is understandable.

  1. Smith Sundance Snowboard Goggle. These snowboarding goggles are ideal for kids. They won't break the bank and offer plenty of great options. Their anti-fog lens coating also helps with snowboarding safety. For only $14, these are an excellent, cheap option for snowboarding goggles.
  2. Anon Helix Snowboard Goggles. For $35, you can get an excellent pair of snowboarding goggles. Anon has put together a goggle that is the perfect marriage of affordability and function. They get the job done and won't cost too much. They are ideal cheap snowboarding goggles.
  3. Dragon D1.XT Goggle These snowboarding goggles offer a variety of colors. They are helmet compatible and block 100% of UV rays. For roughly $32 they are wonderful cheap snowboarding goggles.
  4. Giro Verse Snowboard Goggles Gloss.  You won't find a better snowboarding goggle for the price. At $32 they offer seamless views and great comfort. The fleece lining the rim of the goggles keep out the elements and protect your face better than ever. They are phenomenal snowboarding goggles that are cheap in price.
  5. Oakley E Frames Snowboard Goggles. Oakley ups the ante with these snowboarding goggles. Their dual lens design helps with fog reduction and greater durability. For only $31, you can have the snowboarding goggles you want without being left broke.
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