5 Best Cheap Squash Rackets

Save money with these 5 best cheap squash rackets. If you're on a budget, you might need to look into cheap squash rackets. There are some good rackets that won't hit your wallet. These cheap rackets are sturdy, reliable and good for the money. Whether you're replacing old equipment or just getting started in squash, you'll find these rackets worth the money.

  1. Dunlop Aerogel Ultimate Squash Racket: Dunlop's cheap squash racket is either purchased with or without a cover. The net is tough enough to handle even your hardest hits. It's made with a unique gel that is light but strong enough to handle up to 4,000 times its weight. It also slows down your opponent's power hits. Intermediate and advanced players love the control provided by the Aerogel Ultimate.
  2. Wilson n Team Squash Racket: Wilson's squash racket is less than $130 at most online retailers. It's made with a nanotechnology that gives this racket twice the strength of other rackets in its class. The double braid and pro quality netting can do the job. The Team Squash racket is recommended for pros and intermediate players.
  3. Prince 03 Silver Squash Racquet: This racket is cheap and reliable. It features a titanium, steel and carbon composition. The net is made with Prince's own patented Super Syn Gut material. The air plus handle is easy to grip, especially during hard games. Get this racket with or without a cover.
  4. Manta Classic 6500 Squash Racquet: If you're a beginner player, the Manta Classic may be the right racket for you. The wood finish has very nice graphics and designs. The Manta is also made of 90% graphite and 10% titantium.
  5. Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour 125 Squash Racquet: This racket's string is made with a tecnifibre material and the composition consists of graphite and weave. The Tecnifibre Dynergy is designed to give you major power hits. This squash racket is good for intermediate and advanced players. You may also be interested in the Dynergy Max 145 and Suprem AXIS 150.
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