5 Best Cheap UK Cars

 It's not easy to find cheap, good cars made in the UK. True British car manufacturers like an Ariel, Caparo or Keating are small car manufacturers which are built privately. However, there are a handful of specific British-made cars which are better then all the rest, sold for the roads of the UK, which are affordable for just about anyone. Check out this list of cheap UK cars which will give you the best ride from Plymouth to Aberdeen.

  1. The Mini. Owned by BMW, the originally UK made Mini is an inexpensive sporty car that receives excellent gas mileage and holds to the road like a small sports car. Despite its tiny size, the Mini actually seats four, has a steel body and a lot of airbags, so it is reasonably safe in the event of an accident.
  2. MG. Owned by a Chinese car manufacturer, the MG is built in the UK and makes relatively inexpensive sports cars. There has been talk of them making a sports utility vehicle similar to a Land Rover, which is another popular UK car, though these models of cars are not cheap to purchase.
  3. LTI. You know all those sleek black cabs on the roads in the United Kingdom? Most of these are made by the company LTI (or London Taxi Company) which builds the TX4 model of cab. Used models of these reliable taxis can be bought for about the price of an inexpensive subcompact.
  4. Vauxhall. General Motors owns this automobile manufacturer Vauxhall that makes Astra car, Astravan and Vivaro vans. They have plants all over the UK and make safe, reliable cars that can be bought inexpensively for the average consumer.
  5. Nissan. Large Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan employs over 2,800 people in the UK, claiming to make more car then any other car company in the UK. Like the cars they manufacture in other parts of the world, their automobiles are small, safe, reliable and most importantly, cheap for the average consumer. 
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