5 Best Cheats For Final Fantasy 7 On PS3

If you enjoy Final Fantasy VII on your PS3, then you need know the five best cheats for Final Fantasy 7 on PS3. It is recommended that you beat the game without cheats though so as to not lose the sense of accomplishment that you can’t attain through the use of cheats. For some added fun though, here are the five best cheats for Final Fantasy 7!

  1. Limited Immortality. Let’s start this list of the best Final Fantasy seven for PS3 cheat, Immortality. While this trick may be limited, it is very useful for those tough boss battles. To pull of this cheat, you need to link Final Attack and Phoenix Summon in their respective slots. If you have enough mind points, you will pull of this immortality trick in Final Fantasy seven!
  2. Stop Back Attacks. In Final Fantasy seven, when a battles starts and you your opponent immediately does a back attack, you can save yourself from it. To do this, simultaneously hit L1 and R1 on your PS3 controller and your character will turn around.
  3. Extra Gil. Not so much a cheat for Final Fantasy seven as much as a tip is how to get a lot of extra Gil. Go to the desert near Gold Saucer Prison and look for an enemy named Cactuar. Fight it and when you beat it you will receive 10,000 Gil.
  4. Another Tetra Elemental. Go to the island in the south west corner of the map in Final Fantasy seven called Cactuar island. When you fight it, morph it to attain a tetra elemental, and also fight some more for some extra Gil!
  5. Get Yuffie in your party. To get Yuffie in your party on Final Fantasy seven, be polite when talking to it, acting like you are scared. When she says she’s going to leave, say "no wait," then follow the obvious responses to get her to join your party.
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