5 Best Cheats For Grand Theft Auto On PS3

Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-packed game meant to be played without cheats but if you want to enjoy a little fun, here are 5 best cheats for Grand Theft Auto on PS3. These cheats designed by game developers is meant to be hidden, then unlocked by entering phone numbers into the main character's mobile phone.

  1. Song request. Hear a song and do not know the title or the artist's name? You can type in the cheat code, "948-555-0100" to send in the song request. This is one the best cheats  on Grand Theft Auto IV as the DJ of the specific radio station texts you back an answer of the name and artist of the song.
  2. Police Chopper. Stand on the sidewalk or middle of a street with less traffic then type in the cheat, in your phone. Once you successfully place in the cheat, "395-550-0100" a police chopper will spawn few moments later. Now you can fly around Liberty City on Grand Auto IV to any destination  faster than usual.
  3. Armed Personnel Carrier. On "The Ballad of Gay Tony", use the cheat "272-555-8265" and instantly gain a APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) military tank. The APC is a fun to use while driving down the street steam rolling vehicles or challenging the police squad, FIB, or army while on six stars levels.
  4. Explosive Snipers. Snipers meant to be silent but the explosive sniper cheat is twice as deadly as it blows up objects and people in a ball of fire. To get explosive sniper cheat on "The Ballad of Gay Tony, press the numbers, "486-555-2526" and you will have your very own special sniper.
  5. Super Punch. Throw out a deadly punch to your enemy or random people typing the cheat number, "276-555-2666". After the cheat embedded in your mobile phone, throw out a super punch to anyone and watch him or her fly in the air or at a nearest object.
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