5 Best Children’s Swim Goggles

The five best children's swim goggles will get your kids interested in swimming lessons or an Aruba vacation–whichever you desire. If they're scared of swimming, these might fix the problem straight up! If not, don't blame the goggles. Blame the dirty water. You know what you did in it yesterday.

  1. Neonwonders: Speedo is one of the best children's swim goggles manufacturers. So it's not surprising that their Neonwonders goggles with flower-shaped lenses are a hit with little girls. They come in orange, blue, green and pink. There's a slight UV tint to the goggles, which keeps the sun out of your little girl's eyes, too.
  2. Holowonders: Okay, these will really freak you out. Or you at least better act freaked out when your children wear them because that's what they'll expect. After all, what else do you do when you see fake scaly eyes coming at you in the water? Yes, these goggles have scaly lenses to look amphibious. Oddly enough, these are only for girls, too. Evidently young boys aren't as keen on looking like a frog as they are at catching them.
  3. Skoogles: One of the best children's swim goggles are Skoogles. They're slightly blue-tinted swim goggles and have red lenses. In other words, they're perfect for little boys, although there are a few girly shades, too. Best of all, they come with an anti-fog film, for what it's worth.
  4. Hydrospex: These are hands-down the coolest children's swim goggles ever. You can get them for boys or girls, and both will think the slinky grey shades are cool. The boys might also like the all-blue Hydrospex, which have blue lenses and blue frames.
  5. Air Seal: Definitely for girls, these children's swim goggles by Speedo  have shades are pink, orange and yellow with face-forming frames. Your little female munchkin won't be able to resist. Although they look nothing like a seal, the Air Seal lenses have a sort of wraparound fishbowl feature, which gives kids a better look around the pool to scout for danger – or buried treasure.
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