5 Best Children’s Water Skis

The best children's water skis are durable, short (about 45-60 inches long) and easy to use. There are lots of trainer water skis for children out there, many of them made of wood. The following is a list of the best. 

  1. Gladiator Ski Trainer Water Skis. Your children will love learning how to water ski with these children's trainer water skis. The water skis are joined together in one piece that looks like a sled. These wooden skis are designed for kids 85 pounds and under. 
  2. Gladiator Deluxe Trainer Water Skis. The deluxe model of the Gladiator is designed for children up to 100 pounds. They look more like normal water skis than the standard Gladiators because they are not joined together. There is a crossbar, however, so that your children can learn to balance. The Gladiator Deluxe is 47 inches long. 
  3. Airhead ahst-100 Breakthrough water skis. Airhead makes some nice wooden trainer water skis for children. These children's water skis are 47 inches long with a wide body and a tapered tail. Like the Gladiator Deluxe, these water skis from Airhead are designed for children up to 100 pounds. 
  4. Kwik Tek ST 150 Trainer Water Skis. Kwik Tek's children's water skis are 48 inches long. They are made of wood and feature a double handle towrope, bindings and nylon rudders with fiberglass reinforcement. 
  5. HO 59" Blast Combo Children's Water Skis. These children's water skis are a bit longer than the ones above. They are also designed for larger kids up to 135 pounds. Your children will enjoy a wide forebody which will make their starts much easier. There is also a helix binding for better control and confidence for water skiing beginners. Some smaller kids may also benefit from these skis because of the one size fits all feature. The sheer versatility and affordable price makes this one of the best children's water skis in existence. 



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