5 Best Chinese Actors

The 5 best Chinese actors is a list of action packed stars and American icons. Chinese actors, much like Chinese food has taken a grip on the American imagination for decades. These actors are no different, staring in many blockbusters here and abroad. Look at the list of Chinese actors below and you will see.

  1. Jet Li (born Li Lianjie) hails from Beijing, China and is the ultimate martial arts actor. This actor has amazed United States audience for years with his skills of the ancient art. He also opened the door for other actors, such as Chow Yun-Fat in his rejection of the lead role in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" (2000). Jet is without question the top Chinese actor, period. 
  2. Jackie Chan (born Chan Kong-sang) is a close runner-up to Jet Li, but found it difficult to dethrone the Chinese Emperor of theater. Jackie is an amazing martial artist with a comical wit and glowing personality. He performs all his amazing stunts and brings awes and laughter to those who patronize his movies. Perhaps best known for the "Rush Hour" trilogy, Jackie has also graced the screen and television in many other hits.
  3. Chow Yun-Fat was born in Lamma Island, Hong Kong (1955) and is a star of both television and theater with over one hundred movies to his credit. Perhaps most noted for his role in the blockbuster, "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" (2000), Chow has also appeared in "Bulletproof Monk" (2003), "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" (2007) and the popular kids movie "Dragon Ball Z Evolution" (2009).
  4. Tony Leung Chiu Wai is a wildly popular actor in China with a trophy shelf that would impress the most seasoned actor. Not as well know in the United States, Tony, Hong Kong born actor, has appeared in some of the most popular Chinese and internationally made films, of note, "Red Cliff" (2009), "Lust," "Caution" (2008) and "Confession of Pain" (2007). 
  5. Stephen Chow (born Chau Sing Chi) is a Hong Kong born actor who has appeared in fifty Chinese and international movies. Perhaps best known in the United States as the Kung-Fu master in "Kung-Fu Hustle," Stephen is a rising star in this country, which hopefully will catch up to the rest of the world in their appreciation of this fine actor. 
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