5 Best Chinese Basketball Players In China

Good basketball players don't just originate in the USA, as this list of the five best Chinese basketball players in China will show. The five best Chinese basketball players in China have skills that would even make Kobe Bryant take another look and also dispel the myth that all Chinese people are short. Chances are you would feel pretty small standing next to any of the five best Chinese basketball players from China. Without further ado, let's check these players out.

  1. Chen Jianghua. Chen Jianghua was selected to the Chinese national basketball team when he was only seventeen. Standing at 6' 2", Jianghua uses his speed and handles to leave opponents in the dust and played on China's Olympic team when he was nineteen. While the team did not do very well, Jianghua's play earned him praise from US star Dwyane Wade and US coach Mike Krzyzewski.
  2. Du Feng. Du Feng is a large man standing at 6' 9", but his trim weight of 220 pounds allows him to perform some agile moves on offense. He also uses his lanky body to his advantage on defense, reaching for errant passes and surprising anybody who gets careless with their dribbling. Feng has been playing on China's national team since 2002 and spends the regular season with Guangdong Southern Tigers.  
  3. Hu Xuefeng. Hu Xuefeng is the premier guard in the Chinese Basketball Association. Xuefeng is one of only two players to earn a quadruple double in a game, and holds the league records for both career assists and steals. There is nothing better than a guard who knows how to keep and distribute the ball while being able to take it way from the other team at will. 
  4. Li Xiaoxu. Li Xiaoxu is one the rising young basketball stars in China. He is only twenty, but has already become a vital part of China's national basketball team. He played for China's under nineteen national basketball team until he was snatched up by the national team. He helped his team to victory in the 2009 FIBA Asian Championship and will lead his team in the 2010 FIBA World Championship.
  5. Sun Mingming. Sun Mingming did not find the success he was hoping for in the USA, but he has made quite the impression on Chinese basketball. Standing at 7' 9" Mingming is a defensive force. His sheer size makes other players wary of shooting anywhere near him. After he makes other players miss, Mingming is also superb at cleaning up the glass.
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