5 Best Chinese Nba Players

Well, seeing as how there has only been a handful of them, choosing the 5 best Chinese NBA players is easy. The NBA has managed to create a worldwide following. Because of this, talented athletes from all over the globe have joined the ranks as NBA players. Though not in huge numbers, Chinese NBA players do exist. The line of Chinese players is short and not very distinguished at all. The five best Chinese NBA players, save for one guy, really haven't dominated the sport. Not to say that this won't happen in the future, but for right now, the majority of them spend their respective times as back up players. But here they are, the five best Chinese NBA players.  

  1. Wang Zhizhi. This Chinese former NBA player was highly sought after. The problem is, he never really produced much. It's not to say his skills sets weren't in place, he just never reached the all-star caliber people thought he would. Zhizhi, at 7'1" and 275 lbs was never a real inside presence. He did however have a pretty decent outside jump shot that could effectively stretch the defense. He never averaged over six points a game throughout his career.
  2. Yi Jianlian. This 6'11" has improved his offensive and defensive output since being drafted in 2007. Though he isn't an all-star player just yet, with a little work this guy will be a key component to any team he's added to. As of 2009, he was putting up 12.0 points a game. He also pulled down over seven rebounds a contest. He's also got a decent outside stroke.
  3. Mengke Bateer. He was 6'11" and 290 lbs, utterly useless on the floor. He played from 2001 till 2004, if you could call it playing. It was more like riding the pine collecting a check. There's absolutely nothing special about him. He played for three teams in three years. He's one in a long line of big men that do nothing more than take up space. Come on China, you got to have somebody better than this dude, right? 
  4. Sun Yue. As far as skills sets are concerned, this guy is stacked. Whether or not he gets to showcase them is a different story. He's a 6'9" guard. Those ain't that easy to come by. His only downfall was playing for the 2009 World Champion Lakers. You're not going to get much time when you have Kobe starting in front of you. 
  5. Yao Ming. He's easily the best Chinese NBA player ever. Hell, if he could keep healthy, he could be considered one of the most prolific scoring Centers to ever touch the ball. At 7'5" this guy has a softer shot then most guards. His foot work is amazing and with a little work, he'd be a killer on defense as well. He's averaged over 19 points a game for his career. He's also pulled down over nine rebounds a game. Check out his free throw numbers. While you've got other charity stripe dumb dumbs like Shaq or Dwight Howard throwing up bricks, Yao Ming shoots over 80% from the line. He's a killer.
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