5 Best Chinese Olympic Basketball Players

Summer is the time to see the best Chinese Olympic basketball players in action every four years. China's Men's Basketball Team has appeared in seven Olympics and has never won a metal, but they are still explosive and exciting players that have played on the hardwood. The following players have a chance to become superstars either in their homeland or across the world in the United States of America.

  1. Sun Ming Ming A colossus at seven feet nine inches and 370 pounds, this Chinese Olympic basketball player is one of the tallest players to ever play professional basketball. He wants to follow the footsteps of Yao Ming. Sun played in "Rush Hour 3" with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and was in the documentary entitled "Anatomy of a Giant."
  2. Yi Jianlian Jianlian is a seven foot threat on the hardwood floor. In 2007 he was chosen sixth in the first round of the NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks because he is recognized for being one of the best Chinese basketball players to ever play the game. He now plays power forward for the New Jersey Nets.
  3. Hu Xuefeng Xuefeng has perfected the art of stealing. He is the current record holder of steals in the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) and holds the current record for most assists. Speed has made Hu one of the best Chinese Olympic basketball players in the world.
  4. Liu Wei Long time teammate of Yao Ming while they played for the Shanghai Sharks, Wei joined the team in 2000 and quickly became a prospect for the NBA. He was signed by the Sacramento Kings in 2004 for their pre-season, but was not chosen at the end. He returned to the Sharks where he is considered a top caliber player and one of the best Chinese basketball players active in the CBA. He is the Sharks' current point guard and sometime shooting guard.
  5. Sun Yue Currently playing for the Beijing Olympians as a point guard, Sun Yue is a enormous six foot nine inch man to being playing that position. The Los Angeles Lakers chose Yue in the second round, 40th overall, in the 2007 draft after being named one of the best Chinese Olympic basketball players currently playing the game. After a stint in the hospital for glandular fever, Yue made his debut on December 2008 against the Milwaukee Bucks and scored four points in five minutes of play. In 2009 Sun Yue earned a silver medal at the FIBA Asia Championship as a member of the Chinese national team.
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