5 Best Chinese Restaurants: New Orleans

In a city full of delicious cuisine trying to find the 5 best Chinese restaurants in New Orleans can become very difficult.  New Orleans is known for Cajun food and Soul food, not ethnic food. However, they have some delicious Chinese restaurants to satisfy your appetite. To narrow your search, here are the 5 best Chinese restaurants in New Orleans.

  1. Five Happiness Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in New Orleans. When you walk into the restaurant, the contemporary decor may have you thinking that they do not serve Chinese cuisine. However, as soon as the aroma reaches you, you'll know that you have hit the jackpot. Five Happiness offers an extensive menu with many traditional Chinese dishes including dim sum.  They also have some American fare for those non-adventurous eaters. The perfect meal would start with the crispy soft shell crab and follow with the stuffed Chinese eggplant. Delish! 3605 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118, (504) 482-3935.
  2. Chinese Kitchen. Chinese Kitchen is a highly rated restaurant among locals. They have a large menu with all the traditional dishes you can think of. The service is great, the portions are large and the atmosphere is relaxing. They serve a delicious Shrimp Har Kew with creamy sauce and their fried rice is phenomenal. 3327 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118, (504) 482-1122.
  3. Hoshun. Hoshun serves Asian fusion cuisine, but specializes in Chinese.  Hoshun offers a unique flair to their food that incorporates the local New Orleans flavors. This includes the crab and crawfish rangoons that are out of this world good. 1601 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130, (504) 302-9716.
  4. Red Star Chinese Restaurant offers up delicious Chinese cuisine at a low price. The egg rolls are the best around and the other dishes are high quality. 8330 Earhart Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70118, (504) 861-1933.
  5. China Orchid Restaurant is another one of the best Chinese restaurants in New Orleans. Looks can be deceiving, and that especially applies to this restaurant.  It looks a little run down from the outside, but the food is outstanding. Traditional Chinese cuisine that is priced low and served fresh and hot. China Orchid is an excellent choice to order take-out or eat-in. 704 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118, (504) 865-1428,
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