5 Best Chloe Sevigny Movies

These five best Chloe Sevigny movies show why she has built up some serious indie cred throughout her acting career.  She’s cute yet attainable–the kind of girl you could hang out with and debate whether The Clash or The Ramones were the better punk band.

  1. “American Psycho.”  Perhaps the one sympathetic character in the movie, Sevigny played Jean, Patrick Bateman’s naïve but likeable secretary who dotes on him despite his obvious instability.  Her sweetness and innocence lead to Bateman having a change of heart about killing her.  Instead he asks her to leave his apartment before he causes her any harm.  It’s an almost tender moment in an otherwise bleak and cynical movie.
  2. “Kids.”  The first Chloe Sevigny movie was also one of her best.  Like many of the actors in the film, she got the part by being able to look younger than she actually was.  She then went on to star in many more films, in no small part due to her superb acting in this one.  The movie was a disturbingly unflinching look at adolescent sexuality, and Sevigny’s portrayal of a casualty of casual sex was what made it resonate so strongly.
  3. “Zodiac.”  Another one of the best Chloe Sevigny movies happens to be about a serial killer, but this time it’s a real-life serial killer.  Sevigny plays the wife of the Zodiac Killer’s relentless pursuer, played by fellow indie movie fave Jake Gyllenhaal.  Luckily, she does not almost get attacked with a nail gun this time around.
  4. “Boys Don’t Cry.”  In this film, Sevigny plays Lana Tisdel, girlfriend to the transgendered  Brandon Teena (played by Hilary Swank).  It’s a heartbreaking movie about intolerance based on a true story, and it is another showcase for Sevigny’s considerable acting talent.
  5. “Dogville.”  Any movie by director Lars von Trier is bound to be divisive and “Dogville” is no exception (just read the widely differing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes).  It’s a challenging movie, but thanks in part to the high-caliber acting in it from people such as Nicole Kidman and Chloe Sevigny, it is an underappreciated gem.  Like “Boys Don’t Cry,” this is not a feel good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one of the best Chloe Sevigny movies around.
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