5 Best Chris Farley Skits

Chris Farley was one of "Saturday Night Live’s" biggest and brightest stars during the early '90s, so choosing the five best Chris Farley skits is as difficult as trying to explain the differences between the twin Farley/David Spade comedies “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep.” These five "Saturday Night Live" skits are testament to Farley’s big galoot genius.

  1. Matt Foley. Chris Farley could have made a living out of playing fat guys in little coats. His appearances as the motivational speaker Matt Foley were so over-the-top you could see Spade, Farley and the other co-stars trying hard not to laugh.
  2. Japanese game show. A grossly overexaggerated Japanese game show turns into a horrifying incident for a pudgy and clueless American in this underrated SNL skit. It’s a chance for Farley to flex his big oafish freak out muscles and is surely one of the best Chris Farley skits.
  3. The Chris Farley Show. Farley hosted a fake talk show called “The Chris Farley Show” in a few episodes. The running joke was that he’d ask his guests moronic questions, realize his slip up and chew himself out for his stupidity. The show's best sketch featured former Beatle Paul McCartney. Chris asks McCartney if the “Paul is Dead” incidents of the '60s were just a hoax, to which McCartney responds “Yeah. I wasn’t really dead.”
  4. Chippendales. Farley knew how to use his big bear of a body to his advantage. There was never a better case than in the skit in which Farley auditioned to be a Chippendale dancer along with '80s beefcake Patrick Swayze. The result was pure blubbery hilarity, making it one of the best Chris Farley skits.
  5. Bill Swerski's superfans. All of the Chicago sports superfans in these skits ate beyond the normal human capacity for fat and cholesterol, but the best Chris Farley skit featured Farley's character, Todd O'Connor, having an on-screen heart attack, after which he declares,"that makes a baker’s dozen.”
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