5 Best Christmas Movies 2005

The 5 best Christmas movies 2005 were either released in the theater, or a made for TV special. Some of the movies are acceptable for all ages, and the others have mature content. All the movies have a type of scrooge character, but in the end the Christmas spirit is always found. If looking for film that will brighten your spirit, check out one of the 5 best Christmas movies 2005.

  1. "Just Friends" The 2005 Christmas movie is about two life long friends Chris and Jamie. Chris was the awkward overweight kid that had a crush on Jamie, but she wanted them to be just friends. Years later, Chris is a successful handsome music manager that now lives in L.A. and a freak plane malfunction lands him back home on Christmas. Chris finally gets the chance to show off his new life to old high school bullies, and win the heart of Jamie. One of the 5 best Christmas movies 2005 because the comedy is not your typical holiday tale, and has a memorable plot.
  2. "The Family Stone" Everett Stone brings his soon to be finace Meredith home to meet his family during Christmas. The Stone family is tight knit, and consists of the parents, and their five children. The 2005 Christmas movie revolves around Meredith trying to find her niche in the outspoken family. After failing to fit in, Merideth's sister Julie come to the Stone Christmas for moral support, which thickens the plot. One of the 5 best Christmas movies 2005 because it has heart, comedy, and drama.
  3. "Christmas in Boston" One of the 5 best Christmas movies 2005 was a made for TV movie released on USA. The movie is about how Gina and Seth become pen pals for a class assignment. The two continue their relationship over the next 13 years by e-mail, letters, and IM's. The two have yet to meet, and both send each other a picture of their friend saying it is them. Finally around Christmas time in Boston the two have a chance to meet, and send their friends. It is a cat and mouse, who is actually who story, but it works. The 2005 Christmas movie is family friendly and enjoyable to watch.
  4. "The 12 Dogs of Christmas" The uplifting 2005 Christmas movie is set during the Depression. A young girl Emma moves to a town that outlaws dogs, and she takes a dislike to the evil dogcatcher that captures strays. Emma rescues a dog much to the dogcatchers dismay, and discovers her love for dogs. Emma befriends locals that do not want the ban of dogs, and together they teach people the true meaning of Christmas. It is a cute family Christmas movie that was made for TV in 2005.
  5. "Chasing Christmas" The 2005 Christmas movie is loosely based on the classic tale, "The Christmas Carol." The family comedy stars Tom Arnold as Jack Cameron, a man who hates Christmas. The unique twist is that when Christmas Past takes Jack on a journey, Past decides he does not want to leave. Now it is up to Christmas Present and Jack to try and convince Christmas Past to straighten out his ways. The 2005 ABC Family movie is great for all ages, and a nice twist on "A Christmas Carol."
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