5 Best Cigar Cutters

If you’re a man who loves his cigars, then check out these 5 best cigar cutters. Smoking a cigar is relaxing after a long days work. They go well with a glass of brandy or after a delicious meal. But you can’t cut the end with just any cutter. You need a cutter that will make a clean cut so that you can get the best flavor from your cigar. Here is a list of the best and most popular cigar cutters. All of these cigar cutters are high quality products. Any cigar aficionado will enjoy these best cigar cutters.

  1. Xikar Xi Cigar Cutters: This cigar cutter slices the tip with ease. It’s a popular brand as well. Models come in Xi1, Xi2 and Xi3. The blades are made of stainless steel and the casing is made of aluminum. They also have a ring gauge of 54. This cutter comes in a variety of colors including titanium and red.
  2. Colibri Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine: The name says it all. This cutter is made to cut 60 ring gauge cigars. The classy style and unique emblem make it stand out among other cutters. You’ll enjoy this Colibri just as much as your cigar. Try the other guillotine model, Deco Etched. It has a silver casing and satin finish. Expect to pay a high price for these quality cigar cutters.
  3. Palio Cigar Cutters: Palio ranks high among cigar smokers. This brand of cutters has several models to choose from. The original comes with a nice matching case to keep it safe. The two finger design makes it easy to use and cut your favorite cigar. Other models include the Burl Wood, Gold and Camo G1 Vista. All Palio models cut 60 ring cigars with precision.
  4. ELOI Cigar Cutters: These cutters are for the sophisticated man. Handcrafted in France, they are unique and stylish in design. The looks don't take away from their main purpose of cutting your cigars. As with anything French, expect your cutter to be elegant.
  5. Cuban Crafters: This brand is a lot cheaper than the others on the list. However, the quality and main purpose remains the same. Since this brand is made specifically for Cuban cigars, you'll be getting the best product. The best feature about this cutter is the calibrated cutting system. You don't have to wonder about how much is being cut. The cutter snips the same amount each time you use it. No guessing or fooling around to get the perfect cut.
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