5 Best Cigars In The World

The 5 best cigars in the world must meet a few pieces of criteria in order to be among the five best. They must have a reputation for excellence; be comforting in the hand and nice to look at; well-built with fine materials; provide a savory experience for both the palate and the senses; and have a quality that is consistent.

  1. Jesus Fuego. The best cigar in the world comes from Jesus Fuego, not to be confused with Jesus Christ, the Savior, himself. A master blender of the ultra-important leaf to cigar makers, the Corojo leaf, Fuego has been blending cigars for a while now, but this creation finally carries his own name, and rightly so. A great way you can confirm the sheer quality of this fine cigar is when you draw in a breath: Just from that action, you will notice billows of smoke produced with little effort.
  2. Ashton. The second-best cigar in the world, Ashton has been around since only 1986 as a real brand, which is quite a short time if you really put thought into it. However, in just a little more than two decades, Ashton has catapulted itself into the heights of being one of the most desired premium cigars in the entire world. This feat alone, in such a short time, serves to establish the excellent quality that Ashton produces.
  3. Gurkha. A tribute to the ferocious pugilists from Nepal called the Gurkhas, the Gurkha is created by the Beach Cigar Group, and their preeminent model, if you will, is the Black Dragon line of their cigars. Called the Rolls Royce of cigars by enthusiasts around the Earth, Gurkha's Black Dragon features refinement in its packing, construction, taste and elegance.
  4. Perdomo. Perdomo is the fourth-best cigar in the world, because it is a tribute of love by a grandson to a grandfather. Made by Nick Perdomo Jr. to honor his late grandfather, Silvio, this cigar's tobacco is a very big secret. When you take even just a drag on this special type of cigar, you can appreciate the fact that tobaccos used in this cigar were sitting in spice-laden casks–so strong is its flavor and taste.
  5. Victor Sinclair. Victor Sinclair is the final cigar on this list of the world's best cigars, and its inclusion is easy to understand. It is one of the only cigar brands, if not the only one, that uses a severely unique combination of a five-country blend of spices together with an aging process that lasts a total of five years. This emphasis on the number five is why this maker puts "55" on all its cigars.
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