5 Best Citizen Military Watches

What are the 5 best Citizen military watches? Citizen makes many watches, many of which could probably be used in the military. They do however have watches which they specifically call military watches. These watches are what will be discussed here. In fact, these are all excellent watches, deserving of being on a list of the five best Citizens in general. 

  1. Citizen Blue Angels Skyhawk AT J0064-00L $695. This is a multifunction pilot watch which is named after the famous Navy flight team. No matter what you want to do this watch will be a faithful helper. With its radio atomic time keeping, 43 city times, alarms, chronograph, count down timers, perpetual calendar, backlit display, slide rule bezel and other features, this is one powerful and accurate watch.  No battery changes are needed either, with its solar powered Eco-Drive system.
  2. Citizen Military Chronograph AT0200-05E $215. This is a stainless steel military styled chronograph with an all weather canvas strap. This watch combines quartz reliability with the no battery replacement convenience of a mechanical type watch in its Eco-Drive rechargeable battery system. This is the watch for those military uses that requires accurate time keeping and time measurement. Also an excellent stylish choice for the civilian who likes the military style and durability in a watch. It is water resistant to 100 meters.  
  3.  Citizen Military BM6400-00E $195 – This is a basic stainless steel military style watch on a nylon strap. The brushed stainless is stylish and attractive while being low light reflective. This watch has Citizens famous solar powered Eco-Drive system which gives quartz accuracy with the convenience of no battery changes like a mechanical. With a water resistance of 200 meters this watch is rated like a divers watch.
  4. Citizen Military BM8180- 03E $135. This is your no-nonsense rugged military watch. It has a brushed stainless case with an attractive olive canvas all weather strap. With Citizens unique solar powered Eco-Drive, it is a good choice for those who want quartz accuracy and the convenience of no battery change you get with mechanical watches. It is water resistant up to 100 meters—not quite divers standards, but good for general use where water may be encountered on a daily basis
  5. Citizen Military BM8475-00X $165. This is your no-nonsense basic stainless steel military watch with subdued black ionic plating. It comes with Citizen's unique solar powered Eco-Drive for the convenience of no battery change. The mechanical movements have the accuracy of a quartz watch. This is an excellent choice for those who need a non-reflective watch for those times when you cannot be seen by light reflecting off a silver watch case. It comes with a 100 meter water resistance for water encounters as well.

These are the five best Citizen military watches. Every single one has its own unique attributes, and each one will give years of good quality service. Any person needing or wanting a military styled and inspired watch would get a faithful companion with one.

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