5 Best Claire Danes Movies

If you are looking for a movie to watch tonight, you might want to pick one out of the 5 best Claire Danes movies. Claire Danes is a movie actress and television star. She starred in the hit show “My So Called Life.” The following may be considered her five best movies, so far.

  1. Romeo & Juliet:  In this remake of the classic love story, Claire played the leading lady Juliet Capulet. Her star crossed lover was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. This remake is different than many because it is set in modern times. One of the better scenes, is the famous balcony scenes which shows Juliet, played by Claire, giving Romeo a cross necklace to wear.
  2. The Family Stone:The family stone is a movie centered on the Stone family. The premise of the movie is the annual gathering of the Stones. During this gathering, the oldest son brings home his new girlfriend to meet the family. Claire plays Julie Morton, the sister of the new girlfriend, who was played by Sarah Jessica Parker. One of the funnier scenes is a shared moment between Julie and Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the bathroom where they are trying to get a stuck ring off of Julie’s finger.
  3. Shop Girl:  The movie Shop Girl is about three people and the paths they are taking. Claire plays Mirabelle, a shop girl at Saks Fifth Avenue. She is an artist who is struggling to pay down some bills. Then one day she finds herself torn between two men: a rich, suave older man and a poor graphic designer.  The last scene in the movie is the one that will melt the heart of fans. In this scene one man apologizes for hurting her and admits that he loves her as she fights back tears, right before running into the arms of the man she really loves.
  4. Stardust:  Stardust is a fantasy movie.  At the beginning of the movie, the hero, Tristian, promises to retrieve a fallen star for his then love, Victoria. He ventures into a magical world to retrieve this star. This world is filled with witches, talking animals, evil trees and even gnomes. Claire plays the part of Yvaine, the fallen star.  Watching as Tristian and Claire fall in love and watching scenes in which they travel together through clouds is enough of reason to add Stardust to the list of Claire Danes best movies.
  5. The Rainmaker:  The rainmaker is based on the book by the same title written by John Grishman. It is a tale of a young lawyer who tries to start his own law firm. As he is building his client list, he meets Kelly, played by Claire, an abused wife, and convinces her to leave her abusive husband. The film goes to show them trying to build a relationship as he tries to build his business and battle an insurance company for a client.  Your heart will be aching when you first lay eyes on Kelly lying in the hospital bed after being abused by her husband.
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