5 Best Classic Erotic Movies

The entries on the list of 5 best classic erotic movies have all made their place in history. Most of these movies are not only known in the world of adult entertainment, but have become household names, regardless of their taboo nature. Each movie made it's mark for different reasons, but all have one thing in common, sex.

  1. "Behind the Green Door" At the top of the list of best classic erotic movies is the film that made Marilyn Chambers famous. Directed by Jim and Artie Mitchell, the film tackled issues within the adult entertainment industry. In the story line, a young girl is kidnapped and forced into stripping at a local peepshow. Prostitution soon follows. The move shows the progression of the girl from innocence to a full blown adult performer.
  2. "Devil in Miss Jones" This entry on the list of best classic erotic movies confronts the thought of the afterlife head on. The cult classic, produced by Gerald Damiano, is about a woman who commits suicide and face her afterlife. She is given a choice between a lustful life in hell or a peaceful life in heaven. After a few days of good sex with Satan, she decides to stay for eternity.
  3. "Deep Throat" The movie that made Linda Lovelace famous comes in at number three on the list of best classic erotic movies. The movie explores a woman who's pleasure points are in her throat, making oral sex her preference. The movie suddenly said it was "okay" for a woman to enjoy oral sex and became a cult classic.
  4. "Candy Stripers" Possibly the origin of the "naughty nurse" this film about hospital staff makes the list of best classic erotic movies. The plot involves a day in the life of several of the candy stripers who do more than dish out magazines and ice cream to the patients and staff.
  5. "Talk Dirty to Me" Filled with humor, this entry on the list of best classic erotic movies follows the adventures of a true stud and his nerdy friend. In the end, the stud falls in love and the nerd becomes the stud. The twists in the plot are reason enough to make this one a classic.
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