5 Best Classic Looks For Men

The five best classic looks for men are timeless Western looks that exude masculinity, class and upward mobility. Listed below are some of these timeless looks for your inspection.

  1. The Shadow Beard. Amongst the five best classic looks for men, the shadow beard is a timeless classic. It is a beautiful, classic and highly masculine look. The shadow beard is a light beard that is very clean and kempt. The shadow beard is a classic look that says high-class and masculinity. You see this look in movies that involve men with breeding, class and privilege.
  2. Clean-Shaven with a Bald Head.  Amongst the five best classic looks for men, the clean shaven look with a bald head says tough. This look is a look for fighters, pirates and policemen. The clean shaven or “Mr. Clean look” is a classic look for war. In our society some people back up from a man with this look. Bad guys in movies often have this look. It is a classic look for men that is timeless because of its masculine power.
  3. The Grunge Look. The grunge or unkempt look is a classic look made popular by many celebrities. This scruffy look involves trashed clothing, unkempt facial hair and uncombed heads. The only way a man pulls it off is with dashing good looks. Needless to say that Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp made this look famous. It is not recommended for average looking men.
  4. Grayed Temples.  The graying of male temples or “wings” is a classic male look. This one was most recently made popular by Paulie of "The Sopranos" HBO original series. This look says wisdom and maturity. It is a classically masculine look seen in several cinematic events over the last 70 years.
  5. The Preppie Look. The preppie look is a clean-shaven and well-dressed look designed to express class. It is usually accompanied by a sweater or vest. This look was made famous by Zach from "Saved by the Bell" and Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." These programs have made this look a classic for all American men.

These looks are classic American fashions that all men recognize and that American women have fallen in love with.

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