5 Best Climbing Gifts

Giving Credit to the 5 Best Climbing Gifts.

Picking a good climbing gift can be tricky, if you don’t get from the 5 best climbing gifts. These are not only good gifts, but they are cost effective as well.

  1. Member Ship to a local climbing gym, they can work on new styles climbing and rigging. They can also brush up on their safety devices. They can even try out new equipment. That way the next time they go out you can be relaxed and know they are safe.
  2. Climbing Chalk, This is one of the best climbing gifts you can give. All climbers use it, so with chalk you can’t go wrong. It makes it so much easier on their hands and it gives them a better grip.
  3. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser, this will give your climber the ability to work on a stronger grip, when they are out on the side of the rock. They can use the gripmaster anywhere even when they are in a taxi
  4. Petzl Spatha Folding Knife, this is one of the most useful items you can have with you on a climb. It can be used for a number of different things. You can even open it with one hand
  5. Edelrid Big Sac Rope Bag, this is a great gift to give. It helps protect their ropes so they last longer. They also help keep their ropes in order.

 When you are giving a gift to a climber remember to look at these 5 best climbing gifts and you can’t go wrong.



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