5 Best Climbing Videos

If you want to become a rock climber, you should learn about these five best climbing videos. These climbing videos deal with various important aspects of climbing. They range from important climbers and deadly difficult mountains to political issues being faced in the world of climbing. One is even inspirational. Check out the following five best climbing videos.

  1. Steph Davis "So in Control." This best climbing video features rockstar climber, Steph Davis, ascending the hard cracks in the Moab desert in Utah. Davis is well known for her free climbs of El Capitan. She has also climbed the summit of difficult rocks in South America, the Karakorum and the Arctic. Available at videoclimb.com
  2. "Heart of Stone." This documentary style, best climbing video discusses the access of climbing. This video takes place in the Southeast United States and features footage of the Triple Crown Bouldering Competition. This climbing video is 72 minutes and is available at videoclimb.com

  3. "Everest: Beyond the Limit – The Death Zone." "Beyond the Limit" is a reality television series on the Discovery Channel. These videos follow ascents up Mt. Everest organized by Russell Brice and filmed by sherpas. The specific climbing video, "The Death Zone", deals with the controversial death of David Sharp on an Everest ascent in May of 2006. This video is 60 minutes long and is available at tv.com/everest-beyond-the-limit

  4. "Blind and Naked." Erik Weihenmayer is a blind climber. In this best climbing video, he attempts El Dorado Canyon’s "The Naked Edge." The purpose of his climb is to benefit the Access Fund. This inspirational climbing video is 5 minutes and 45 seconds long. It is available at allclimbing.com.

  5. "Chris Sharma Climbs Realization." Chris Sharma is a phenomenal athlete. He has been climbing since he was 14 years old and he recently turned 27 in 2010. This young climber travels all over the world attempting the most difficult climbs, often without gear. This particular video follows Sharma as he creates one of the most difficult climbs, "The Realization." This video is 11 minutes and 45 seconds and it is available at allclimbing.com






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