5 Best Clone Golf Clubs

The 5 best clone golf clubs are golf clubs which use the exact same materials and designs as the more expensive golf clubs by the leading manufacturers, but which are a lot more affordable, sometimes costing only one-third as much as the clubs by leading manufacturers. Clone golf clubs are also customizable to your design specifications, and their performance does not suffer because they are cheaper than golf clubs by leading manufacturers. Clone golf clubs are simply golf clubs that perform just as well for a lot less in cost.

  1. Acer XDS Insider Fairway Wood. This clone golf club takes the number one spot due to its encouragement to swing on an inside-out path, which results in increased distance on drives. With internal weighting for more stability and a shallow face design to lessen friction with the turf, the Acer XDS Insider Fairway Wood is your go-to clone golf club.
  2. Callaway Diablo Driver Clone Golf Clubs. The Callaway Diablo Driver Clone Golf Clubs matches unmatched power with the sweet spot so many golfers search out; this is why this clone golf club takes the two spot. If you want high and far-ranging ball-flights that increase your golf game's effectiveness, you had better make it this Callaway clone club.
  3. Turbo Power Ti9 Fairway Woods. With a lower center of gravity to provide low spin, this clone golf club by Turbo features the ability for golfers to customize its head. The next time you are on the links, you will want the performance power of this clone golf club to increase your score.
  4. SV2 Max Speed Titanium Driver – Nike SQ Machspeed Clone. With high recommendations for golfers of any skill level, Nike's clone golf club gives great performance for a value price. It belongs at number four due to its square design technology, which provides a forgiving driver thanks to the weight getting pushed back on the driver.
  5. Taylormade Burner Superfast Clone. This Taylormade Burner Superfast Clone has a size of 460cc and boasts the largest sweet spot of all Taylor clone golf clubs, enough to get it the five spot. If distance is your biggest concern when golfing, then let this Taylor club get you all the distance you can handle when you're out on the green.
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