5 Best Clothing Brands For Men

If you are ready for a serious fashion upgrade with a particular focus on designers whose names signify quality, you can consider this list of the 5 best clothing brands for men. These five clothing brands tend to be more affordable then their high-end counterparts, such as Versace and Gucci. But they still hold a heavier price tag then many of the generic clothing brands that you cringe at in the men's section of many department stores. Consider mixing and matching clothing pieces from all five of these brands, being that they all accomplish their own classy stylistic niche.
  1. Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren, especially the Polo division, is by far the most successful clothing brand for men in the world. The founder, Ralph Lauren, is a multi-billionaire and has built his fashion empire on a combination of influences that include country club activities, preppy academia, western cowboys and Hollywood glamour. With its widely recognized name, wearing Ralph Lauren brings with it a classic standard of prestige dating back to the brand's beginnings in 1967. 
  2. Diesel For guys that are looking for a men's clothing brand that has an edger look and takes many creative risks to achieve bold fashion statements, Diesel will feel like heaven on earth to any man's wardrobe. Diesel jeans have become a staple in many celebrity's closets and are easily recognized by their standard rectangular tag sewn in above the right pocket. Diesel's various fashion-forward concepts can give you anything from a casual, "cool guy on a date" look to some confident rock star appeal. 
  3. Armani Exchange Also recognized as AX, Armani Exchange is the more affordable format of the Giorgio Armani collection but price does not become a sacrifice for dazzling designs. Armani Exchange is a clothing brand that men can depend on for late night outings with that special woman, a funky concert outfit or to add some vital "chick magnet" pazazz when heading to a trendy nightclub. 
  4. Guess Guess is a totally reliable brand of clothing for men and has been so since the 1980s. Guess presents a unique combination of flamboyant flash mixed with everyday casual basics. Their legendary denim jeans are a must-have component to any dress code and their clever shirts and watches will not kill your pockets, but will certainly resurrect your appearance if it has been ignored for far too long. 
  5. Lacoste This French clothing brand gives men a clean-cut, upscale look that has been in business since 1933. Lacoste's vibrantly colored tennis shirts can make any spring or summer day seem brighter with all the attention you will get from their pastel color spectrums. Even if the Lacoste name doesn't register with you, you are surely aware of this brand. Who hasn't seen that little green alligator with the open red mouth logo on countless articles of clothing throughout the years?
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