5 Best Cold Sakes

When expanding your palate to include a wider array of alcoholic beverages, finding the 5 best cold sakes allows you to enjoy a whole new realm of beverages. The truth is, most good sakes should be served slightly cold. The reason that sake has traditionally been served hot is that earlier versions of the beverage were rougher, and the heat would disguise the woody taste. Ideally, cold sakes are best, the temperature should be about that at which you serve a good white wine. While there are now many good sakes, we think that these are some of the best.

  1. Wandering Poet (Rihaku). Chilling brings out this sake's pleasant acidity and nutty flavors. Clear in color, this cold sake looks great served neat. It reportedly gets its name, Rihaku, from a Japanese poet who loved to drink sake.
  2. Bride of the Fox (Kanbara). This sake has a sweet, complex and crisp flavor. It also has the advantage of being slightly less expensive than comparable sakes. Those who enjoy cold sakes will appreciate the long lasting finish of the drink.
  3. Pride of the Village. The bouquet of this sake is quite floral, and the flavor is sweeter than most sakes. It's a popular choice with fans of cold sakes, either served straight or in a sake cocktail.
  4. Kikusui. This cold sake is very mild in flavor, making it a good pick for those new to the flavor of sake. The bottle is also quite attractive, with a slight blue tint and a hammered glass finish. If you wish to serve cold sake to a date, this brand is a great choice.
  5. Dreamy Clouds. It's important to remember to shake this cold sake well before opening the bottle, as this is an unfiltered sake. When poured, it is cloudy in appearance. The taste is creamy and somewhat sweet. Unfiltered cold sakes have a fantastic mouth feel.
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