5 Best College Bars in Boston

Here are the 5 best college bars in Boston, for all your drinking needs. One of the most important parts of the college lifestyle is finding the best college bars in Boston, or the city your school is located. Boston has a number of different colleges, so there are thousands of college students looking for a place to drink.

  1. Bleacher Bar, 82 Lansdowne Street Boston, MA 02228 (617) 262-2424, is the best college bar in Boston. This one of a kind bar is located inside the bleachers of Fenway Park and has a window to view the field at all times. Although, it is best to visit the bar during a game, it is a hotspot year round. The prices are low so it is also affordable for poor college students. A unique and fun bar that you must experience at least once.
  2. Jillian's, 145 Ipswich Street Boston, MA 02215 (617) 437-0300, is a great bar for college students in Boston. It is three fun elements rolled into one.  On the first floor you'll find Tequila Rain, the hottest dance club in Boston that celebrates spring break 365 days a year. The second floor is Jillian's a huge entertainment, food and fun zone complete with pool tables. The third floor is home to Lucky Strike, a modern bowling alley that will add excitement to any night out. Jillian's is the best choice for a night filled with food, fun and drinks.
  3. The Place, 2 Broad Street Boston, MA (617) 523-2081, is another great spot in Boston for college students. A fun spot to catch the latest game, or to have fun dancing with friends. The bar is always stocked and priced low so even students on a low budget can afford drinks at The Place.
  4. Game On, 82 Lansdowne Street Boston, MA 02215 (617) 351-7001, is one of the best bars in Boston, especially for college students. Located near Fenway Park, this bar is complete with 90 TV's, two floors, a large bar and delicious food. What more could you ask for? An overall excellent bar that everyone will enjoy.
  5. The Greatest Bar, 262 Friend Street Boston, MA 02114 (617) 367-0544, is a fun and unique bar that is a favorite among college students. This four-story entertainment facility really lives up to its name. They combine the sports community with a dance club to give you the best of both worlds. The Greatest Bar is even home to the 14' flat screen TV, the largest in Boston. Another great choice for a night out.
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