5 Best College Baseball Hats

The 5 best college baseball hats are those college baseball hats that make you proud to be the fan of a particular college baseball team. The beauty with college baseball hats is how you are able to tell the world what team you stand behind as you sport your spiffy ballcap in all its glory.

  1. Oregon State Beavers On-Field Baseball Fitted Hat. The best college baseball hat is this one that represents the Oregon State Beavers. Whenever you are watching a college baseball game, be sure to pull out this authentic baseball hat so that you can cheer on your team in style. Legitimately licensed by the NCAA, this hat is also made from 100 percent polyester material, which means that it is durable.
  2. Sienna College On-Field Baseball Hat. If you have ever wanted a baseball hat that is low-profile, then this is the college baseball hat for you. This low-profile hat is designed in such a way that you can wear it with the bill down right over your eyes, perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes with all the more efficiency, or just for looking cool in a certain way. Just imagine how much fun you and your beer-drinking friends will have as you wear this hat while guzzling beer during your Sienna College baseball games.
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide On-Field Baseball Fitted Hat. Fans of Alabama's Crimson Tide will enjoy wearing this college baseball hat on their head when showing their support for their most favorite college baseball team. This is the third-best college baseball hat due to its understated simplicity, plain but effective. With the Crimson's Tide's signature "A" symbolized in a blood-red letter and sitting on an ivory-white background, this college baseball hat is a study in effective messaging.
  4. Boston College On-Field Baseball Hat. The fourth-best college baseball hat is this one that sports the sparse letters of Boston College right on its front. It is the fourth-best college baseball hat because it represents all the sports teams from the Northeast in its sparing, fundamental design. If you're a fan of anything Boston, you will want to ensure that you bring this baseball hat with you to every home game (at least) of Boston College, or else you will be caught as an unsatisfactory poser fan.
  5. Tennessee Volunteers College Baseball Hat. The final hat on this list is a classic entry that shows a classic logo on the front of the hat from the Tennessee Volunteers. This college baseball hat is also made out of cotton, which is why it is the fifth-best hat: It will feel super-smooth and comfortable on your noggin. As a bonus, this hat also has a smaller, secondary logo on its back.
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