5 Best College Baseball Logos

There's hundred and hundreds of them, so how can you choose the 5 best College Baseball logos? Well, the better baseball logos are always the ones that look cooler. By cooler, it's meant that the better College Baseball logos are the ones that look tough. Yeah, a bee is cute. But, does a College baseball logo of a bee instill fear in opponents? Probably not. No, a good College Baseball logo has to look bad-ass. After searching and searching, here are the five best College Baseball logos in College Sports today… as of 2010. Until some genius decides to change them again.

  1. The Bethany College Bisons. The entire baseball logo is of a shadowed in bison. It's extremely muscular and looks as if it could jump of the uniform and kill you. Too bad this team doesn't get much national exposure. Even still, the Bethany College Bison is a lot more menacing than some little pip-squeek of a Leprechaun with his dukes up. Sorry Notre Dame.
  2. The Kalamazoo Hornets. There must be a trend forming here. That little hornet looks like it would make mincemeat of a certain cartoonish looking jayhawk. But here's the thing. Have you ever heard of the Kalamazoo Hornets beating the Jayhawks in baseball, or any sport for that matter? No, you haven't but the freaking logo is super cool. It's black and orange and the hornet really does look like some cool super hero.
  3. The Georgetown Hoyas. Well it's about time. Finally, a big name school with a cool logo. That bulldog looks like he could handle the Michael Vick dogs in the ring. He looks very similar to a certain cartoon dog that would beat the crap out of a rather annoying grey and white cartoon tabby. Anyway, the Georgetown Hoya College Baseball logo is easily one of the best in the business.
  4. The New Hampshire Wildcat. He looks like a panther on serious steroids. Why is he one of the best College baseball logos around? Simple. The combination of blue lining and gray shading makes him look like pure lightning. Which, just happens to be a kick-ass effect. Now, whether or not New Hampshire can win any games is another story entirely.
  5. North Carolina Central. The logo for this particular no-name team is a freaking eagle with it's wings spread. What's cooler than that? Not much. Except for maybe a logo showing a rabbit with an Uzi.
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