5 Best College Drinking Games

If you’re ready to party hard, you’ll want to play the 5 best college drinking games. These games will let you reconnect with your fraternity days and have a good, drunk time. Pull together a bunch of guys and girls before getting started because drinking games are the most fun when played in large groups.

To play the five best college drinking games, you will need:

  • Lots of alcohol
  • Plastic cups
  • Deck of cards
  • Duct tape
  • Long table
  • Plastic ball


  1. Flip Cup. This game is a classic college drinking game and makes the perfect group game. All you need is people, beer, and plastic cups. Split your group into two teams, then one player from each team must chug an entire cup of beer, place it upside down on a table and flip it right side up. Once the player completes this, the next player on the team can start chugging away. The first team to have all players finish and flip their cups wins. 
  2. King’s Cup. One of the most beloved of college drinking games, this drink is everyone’s favorite because of all the crazy stories it will produce long after it’s over. All you need is a group of people, a deck of cards, and lots of alcohol (the more different types, the better). Get everyone in a circle and have each person pull a card one at a time. Each card calls for an action. Example: “4” is whores, so all girls must take a drink. You can feel free to change up the rules, but one thing should always remain the same: pull a King and you must deposit your alcohol into the King’s Cup. The person to pull the final King gets to drink the nasty concoction.
  3. Edward Forty-Hands. This college drinking game, often known under many other names, is usually played at a fraternity house as part of the initiation process for new pledges. The game is simple: duct tape a forty of beer to each of your hands. You’ll be unable to do pretty much anything until you down both of them and can have the tape removed. By that time, you’ll feel a lot drunker.
  4. Beer Pong. This is probably the most classic of all college drinking games. If you’ve never played this game before, set up a table and start now. Set up 12 plastic party cups filled with beer on both ends and have two pairs face off against each other, attempting to land a plastic ball in an opponent’s cup. The losing team must drink the cup’s contents. The first team to land balls in all the opposing cups wins. This game is so cherished that many more intricate rules have been added based on who is playing, so make sure to agree on rules before starting up a game.
  5. Strip Poker. This isn’t exactly a formal drinking game, but it’s definitely the best college drinking activity that a college student should experience. Play straight strip poker, where those who lose their hand must remove one article of clothing and take a drink. Keep pouring drinks and shedding clothes for a good, sexy time.
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