5 Best College Football Uniforms

The  5 best college uniforms are from established universities that have long standing programs which have, many times, been national contenders and have excellently patterned and colored jerseys. Though some of these uniforms have evolved over the years, the school teams that don them still represent the tradition that has made each university a football powerhouse, and made each one of the top programs in the history of the sport. Listed below are schools from around the country that have the five best college football uniforms.

Five Best College Football Uniforms

  1. University of Michigan: The Michigan Wolverines' beautiful maize and blue jerseys represent the most successful college football program in the history of the sport. The team plays in Ann Arbor's Big House (Michigan Stadium), the largest football stadium, professional or college, in the country, making the team one of the most overall respected. The uniforms have blue tops and maize bottoms, with combination helmets when playing at home.
  2. University of Southern California: The USC Trojans' football jerseys, colored cardinal and gold represent another football powerhouse that hails from Los Angeles. When playing at home, they don cardinal tops, gold bottoms, and cardinal helmets with the logo of a Trojan helmet.
  3. University of Alabama: The Alabama Crimson Tide has crimson and white jerseys that are absolutely classic. The tops are crimson, the bottoms are white, and the helmets are a standard crimson with white numbers that represent the jersey numbers of the players wearing them.
  4. University of Texas: The Texas Longhorns, from Austin, Texas wear burnt orange and white. At home, their tops are colored, and their bottoms are white, and their wonderful helmets are plain white with a logo representing the head of a longhorn bull.
  5. Notre Dame: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish wear uniforms that also look like those from decades ago: they have navy blue tops, gold bottoms, and standard gold helmets with no markings, making for plain and basic, but very classy uniforms.

The 5 best college football uniforms are listed above. Each team has proven successful over time, receiving many accolades, and donning spectacular jerseys for decades.

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